SONY DSC  

September 2015: University of Pennsylvania and Prism Quartet
I have landed in Philadelphia and am looking forward to four years here to pursue my PhD in Composition. The first few weeks have already been exciting, as Matthew Levy from Prism Quartet gave a great workshop on September 11th. Penn composers are writing brand new works for Prism that will be performed in March 2016. 

April 2015: West Cork Chamber Music Festival Composition Competition
Finola is one of four winning composers of the West Cork Chamber Music Festival’s Composition Competition. The competition was adjudicated by Finnish Composer Sebastian Fagerlund and will result in the performance of her string quartet The Language of Mountains is Rain at the festival in June. 

International Young Composers’ Meeting 2015
Finola is thrilled to be selected to participate in the 21st Young Composers’ Meeting in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, in February 2015. She will compose a new work for orkest de ereprijs for the occasion. The meeting is chaired by Louis Andriessen, and she will have lessons with senior composers Martijn Padding, Richard Ayres, Cathy van Eck and Errolyn Wallen.

Fidelio Trio
Finola is delighted to begin her first piano trio, which will be premiered by the renowned Fidelio Trio, as part of the Irish Composer Collective’s Concert Series. It will be premiered in Dublin in April 2015. 

Upcoming concert!
Finola’s brand new work dragonflies draw flame will be premiered by the Kirkos Ensemble as part of the Irish Composer Collectives ICC10 Festival on November 19th. You can read more about the festival.

Kendra Emery‘s CD release:
Kendra’s debut album, featuring Finola’s title track beautiful mess has been released! You can buy the CD odownload the pieces.

All photographs © Scotty So 2014.